Entries are due June 30

Don’t delay starting your masterpiece! Time is drawing near to the due entry date!


s and b criteria

Hi there everyone. A reminder that stitched and bound, WA’s own special quilt exhibition for unusual and original quilts, is happening again this year at the ZigZag Gallery Kalamunda, 11 -27 October. We invite everyone to enter and to visit.            

Some words of caution for intending entrants

Please ensure all Conditions of Entry are satisfied before you enter your work. Conditions for 2019 are not the same as they were for 2017.

Remember your entry must be your original design, and your own work.  This is a juried exhibition maintaining a high standard where judges examine your artist’s statement which discusses your motivation behind your work as well as the actual process you used to make the work.

What is an original work?

It must be a piece from your imagination, something you designed yourself. It could not for example be part of a kit or something from a workshop or made under tuition. Such works are suitable for other exhibitions such as QuiltWest.

CQG is running a workshop on writing an artist’s statement at their April meeting. If you miss this then examples will be available from the CQG website  http://contemporarywa.wordpress.com

Hard-copy entry forms are available with the Conditions of Entry, but the organisers much prefer online entries because of ease of processing. Thank you!

Virginia O’Keeffe for s and b

Photography for stitched and bound

A common weakness in photographs submitted for stitched and bound 2017 was lack of sharpness, in other words blur. The photo below of ‘this discovering 5’  by Ruth de Vos for stitched and bound 2017, photo by the artist, does not suffer this limitation. You might find the article Suggestions for Photography   useful, if you, like Ruth, choose to take your own photos for stitched and bound 2019. HELP is also at hand – before submitting your entry, to find out if your photographs fit the Conditions of Entry, email them to pat.forster@iinet.net.au or megcowey@me.com


stitched and bound 2019

Calling all creative quilters in WA

stitched and bound 2019 is happening next year at Zig Zag Gallery, Kalamunda, October 11-27. Why not give it a go and use the quiet days of January to start your entry? Life is about making the most of opportunities. The forms are here for your convenience. Some conditions have changed so read them carefully. The cover of the 2017 stitched and bound catalogue is shown below. Your quilt could be on the 2019 cover!

2019 SandB Conditions of Entry Form

2019 SandB Entry Form Final