An issue!

One entrant that we know of has had trouble with the online entry form. We are working with the form website to rectify the problem. If you have a problem, email us at with your phone number, or download and fill in a paper form and email it to us with photos.


On-line entries to stitched and bound are flowing in. If you do encounter any problem with submitting your entry online, please email with your phone number so we can ring you. One thing you can check is the file size of any photograph does not exceed 10MB.


Photography for multi-sided works

The professional photography arrangements now include options for multisided works for stitched and bound.

Josh Wells, freelance photographer: $60 for the first quilt (total for one full and one detail photo), $40 for each additional quilt (total for one full and one detail photo), plus $20 for a second full view photo.

Churchill Color Labs: $65 total for one full view and one detail photo, plus $15 for a second full view photo.

 Other details for the photography offers are on the Help articles/ Forms page

Slick online entry

The online entry form has been redone with a new template – a very slick look, and all ready for your quilt entry. The form now allows photos to be uploaded. Entry forms and photos sent by email or snail are still okay, but the online method is MUCH easier for the stitched and bound organisers to process.

Check out the online entry form now – its on the Entry form page.